“The small landholders are the most precious part of a state.”

Thomas Jefferson

Introducing Real Estate Investing Crash Course: A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing Your First Investment Property & Avoiding Costly Mistakes. On this website, we are going to walk you through the process of buying your first investment property. The First Edition of this resource was published as an ebook in 2012, and this Second Edition we are offering for free on this site. There is no cost to read it and no sign-up required. We hope that this Second Edition is helpful for new investors and encourages you to take action and acquire your first property.

No amount of education beats TAKING ACTION and we hope that by providing the Second Edition of this book for free, it will encourage you to prioritize taking action and purchasing your first property over taking expensive real estate courses and seminars. While some offer great value, no investor will ever tell you that a seminar offered more value than getting through their first purchase.

Our goal with this resource is to maximize the value of your first real estate investment experience, which is something we do for ourselves as real estate investors. This resource will allow us to share our knowledge and experience with you to help you purchase your first investment property and avoid making costly newbie mistakes.

Having been in the industry since before the crash of the market in the 2000′s, we’ve seen people make a lot of mistakes, many which were caused by lack of preparation and education. We’ve heard our fair share of horror stories first hand from other investors, and hope that this resource helps you avoid making the same mistakes they did by being better educated about the real estate investment process.

Mistakes in this business can be costly. Whether a first time buyer or seasoned investor, you’re dealing with a changing real estate market and can benefit from up-to-date education and expert opinions.

Largely due to the abundance of information and tools available online, investors today are much more educated than a decade ago. Today’s investors know there isn’t a get rich quick method to real estate like people thought in early 2000′s. Our guide will teach our methods of educated investing, which will allow you to make responsible purchases with realistic return expectations.

Now… let’s get started!

➡️ Chapter 2: Benefits of Property Ownership